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Software: Tomography Applications

SSI's R&D activities have involved application of fundamental physics in the characterization of sensors and the interaction of radiation with targets to capture important information identifying features and conditions from remote sensing measurements. Our diverse group of physicists and mathematicians have applied these physical principles to VIS/SWIR/TIR laser and ladar reflections from hardbody targets, to 3D SAR imaging, and to gamma ray nondestructive testing of large metallic objects. Our research has resulted in special-purpose modeling and inversion codes that process the appropriate sensor data, including VIS/SWIR/TIR surface reconstruction (TRAILS), ultra wideband and wide aperture radar data (QUASAR), and gamma ray accelerator-based radiation for defect detection (HI-Z).









QUASAR simulation.

QUASAR-simulated STL X-band data.