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R&D Services: Remote Sensing

SSI's R&D in remote sensing addresses scientific and engineering problems in using optical radiation for characterizing remote objects and the intervening atmosphere.

Spectral Imaging

SSI's spectral imaging work includes development of modeling and analysis software such as MODTRAN®, FLAASH®, and QUAC®, which are widely used by Government and industrial researchers and analysts.

Corrected imagery.

We have developed and supported many US Government and industry computer codes for calculating and displaying target images and spectral signatures at wavelengths ranging from the ultraviolet through the thermal infrared. These include QUID, SPIRITS, GUIDES, MCScene, and kURT. We are also active in the development of algorithms, such as the SMACC endmember code, for spectral image exploitation in applications such as target and trace gas detection, terrain classification and shadow removal. Applications include:

  • Modeling atmospheric transmission and background radiance to support remote sensing systems design and performance predictions
  • Simulating views of objects in the air and on the ground from long distances
  • Correcting hyperspectral and multispectral imagery for atmospheric effects
  • Characterization of the material and terrain content of spectral imagery


Hypertemporal Imaging

Building on technology developed in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory, SSI scientists have used passive imagery to visualize and measure object vibrations and other subtle fluctuations. Applications include remote sensing from space and evaluating the integrity of mechanical structures and individual components.

Measurement Programs

SSI has played key roles in planning and data analysis for measurement programs, including major atmospheric and space experiments carried out by the US Government. This experience can be applied to your measurement definition, planning, and analysis needs.