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December 2015

SSI's Atmospheric Correction Software Now Available for Monthly Licensing on the CloudEO ENVI Desktop

Spectral Sciences' FLAASH and QUAC are among the remote sensing industry's leading algorithms for atmospheric correction of hyperspectral and multispectral imagery. Commercial versions of these algorithms are sold through the Atmospheric Correction Module for ENVI (Environment for Visualizing Images), the popular software environment from Exelis VIS for analyzing spectral imagery.

The Atmospheric Correction Module (ACM) is now being offered for licensing on a monthly basis through the Virtual ENVI Desktop developed by CloudEO. Based in Munich, CloudEO teams with world-leading imagery and software providers to offer customers unique geo-infrastructure as a service, providing a source for geo-data, geo-data products, software, and geo-services. With the Virtual ENVI Desktop, users can now perform atmospheric correction on their own data, or on data from CloudEO's extensive archives, prior to, or in lieu of, purchasing a permanent license. The Virtual ENVI Desktop with the Atmospheric Correction Module may be ordered from the CloudEO Store.

FLAASH Corrected Images

World View-2 image before (left) and after (right) FLAASH atmospheric correction.