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Gallery of Instrument Prototypes

With the help of US Government SBIR and BAA program awards, SSI has developed new optical sensing technologies and gained experience in building a variety of custom ground- and aircraft-based instruments, including spectral imagers and spectrometers in wavebands from the ultraviolet through long wave infrared, and diode, Raman and gas correlation sensors for gaseous species such as water vapor, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, carbon monoxide, oxygen, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, and hydrazine.

This gallery highlights prototype instruments built by SSI for both Government and commercial customers.

Gallery of prototype instruments. TRACER SET FASPEC Furnace diagnostics FAROS WASSS MEDUSA GASMAN DARCS RPV OLDS HLMS TACOS

Remote Optical Emission Monitor for Combustion

This near-IR instrument provides simultaneous real-time measurements of H2O and soot temperatures and intensities over fourteen fields of view with real-time spatial reconstruction capability. For higher spatial resolution, the fiber probes can be translated and a time averaged-spatial profile reconstructed. The instrument is suitable for test-stand applications or for monitoring and control applications in stationary pre-mixed combustors.

Gallery of prototype instruments.

Readout unit and fiber probe for Structured Emission Thermometry sensor.

Diode Laser-Based Gas Sensors

These sensors use near-IR diode lasers with SSI's patented line-lock technology to measure gas concentrations down to ppm levels in real time.

DARCS sensor.

DARCS diode laser-based trace gas sensor for open-air paths.

GASMAN sensor.

The GASMAN portable multiple-species monitor developed for the US Army
measured HCl, HBr, CO, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide.

MEDUSA sensor.

MEDUSA fiberoptic monitor for multiple lines-of-sight.

OLDS HF sensor.

OLDS open-path sensor measuring HF in real time in an aluminum smelter pot
room. Long-term average demonstrated equivalence with 48-hour Method-14 data.

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Gas Correlation-Based Sensors

SSI's TACOS family of infrared (IR) gas-correlation sensors use a patented, IR&D-100 Award-winning molecular resonance lamp to detect low concentrations of gas species such as CO and HCl with excellent selectivity and time response.

TACOS CO sensor.

Trace in-situ carbon monoxide sensor, originally developed for NASA. A similar instrument for
measuring HCl in rocket exhaust was flown in an SSI-designed and constructed remotely piloted aircraft.

Raman Hydrogen Sensor

HLMS hydrogen sensor.

This rugged instrument for rapidly measuring tens-of-ppm and greater levels of
hydrogen in gas flow lines was delivered to NASA for use during Space Shuttle launches.

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