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About Spectral Sciences, Inc.

Spectral Sciences, Inc. is a nationally known resource for expertise in a variety of fields related to spectroscopy, remote sensing and imaging, combustion and propulsion technology, and radiative transfer processes.  SSI scientists and engineers consult with clients from government, prime contractors, and industry to address their technology needs and develop innovative solutions. Projects are guided from concept through stages of development to a sound prototype, often in collaboration with industrial partners and academia. By licensing our developed technology at a prototype stage, we maintain an R&D focus, engaging companies with commercial expertise to produce, market, and sell the SSI IT teamresulting products.

SSI was founded in 1981 by five former Aerodyne Research Corporation scientists. Their goal was to build an environment for applied research and development where creative, doctoral-level scientists in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, and related fields could thrive. SSI grew steadily over time with the addition of carefully selected staff members in key new technical disciplines. Today the company is 100% owned and directed by the predominantly scientific staff through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, and remains committed to its founding principles.

Situated on the outskirts of Boston and surrounded by several international airports, SSI's Burlington, MA location is ideal to support clients across the US and the world.   Our facilities include a Beowulf cluster of 384 CPU cores across 24 nodes with 3TB RAM and other high-performance computational resources, and the 3500 sq ft Sensor Applications Laboratory, equipped with optical instrumentation and high temperature gas and material handling equipment.

SSI seeks out opportunities to apply our expertise to new areas of research and toward advanced applications. We welcome collaboration with Government, industrial, and academic groups. We often work with a larger team to pool our strengths with others. Overall, we strive to support our clients and partners and strengthen the projects we participate in with the development of models, processes, and devices.

Management Team

Rob SundbergRobert Sundberg
Larry BernsteinLawrence Bernstein
Chief Scientist
Marsha FoxMarsha Fox
VP of Operations
Maryanne GormanMaryanne Gorman


SSI is organized into five groups, each covering a somewhat autonomous technical sphere. Projects are assigned to groups, but personnel are encouraged to work across multiple groups. The groups and associated group leaders are:

Group leaders are responsible for assisting project PI's with planning, resource management and review through the project life cycle. Group Leaders shepherd projects in their groups, ensure they are on track, and seek out new business in the group technical area.

SSI has also named three senior level scientists as Technical Fellows - Neil Goldstein, Matt Braunstein, and Steven Adler-Golden. Fellowships are awarded for a history of scientific excellence applied over a broad spectrum of corporate endeavors. Fellows get involved in guidance and oversight of a broad range of projects that span all groups, ensuring that research goals are well defined and a path to success is well thought out.

Support Staff

Front Office staff


SSI founders

SSI founders (l-r) Drs. James Elgin, Lawrence Bernstein, Fritz Bien, Michael Gersh, and David Robertson.