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Software: SAMM® v3 Atmospheric Radiation Transport Model

SAMM® (SHARC and MODTRAN® Merged) version 3 (SAMM v3) is an atmospheric background radiance and transmission code. The SAMM v3 code seamlessly combines the features of SHARC, a high-altitude (>30 km) non-local thermodynamic equilibrium model, and MODTRAN, a low altitude (<50 km) local thermodynamic equilibrium model. It predicts atmospheric radiation and transmittance in the infrared, visible and part of the ultraviolet spectrum (0.3-40 µm) and includes all of the important absorption and emission bands of NO, CO, H2O, O3, OH, CO2, CH4, O2, O, HNO3, N2O, NO2, SO2, NH3, NO+, N and N+ within that range. SAMM v3 can compute transmission and radiance for arbitrary lines-of-sight (within 0-300 km) and at a spectral resolution of 0.001 cm-1. SAMM v3 can model spatially-dependent auroras, polar mesospheric clouds, stratospheric warming events. SAMM v3 includes a model for atmospheric background radiance structures resulting from fluctuations in the density of atmospheric species, individual molecular state populations, and kinetic temperatures and pressures along the sensor line-of-sight. To inquire about SAMM v3, please contact

SAMM auroral radiance predictions.

Comparison of temporal variations in auroral radiance at 8 µm as a function of tangent height between observations (top) and SAMM v3 calculations (bottom).


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