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Software: HI-Z - Tomographic Reconstruction for High Atomic Mass Materials

Computerized tomography (CT) with high energy γ-rays is a practical non-destructive testing inspection method for evaluating integrity and monitoring aging of large objects such as engine blocks, pipes, and other construction elements. HI-Z (High-yield Imaging through Z-materials) is an SSI-developed high fidelity Monte Carlo simulation code for γ-ray CT that mitigates artifacts associated with metals or other high-Z (high atomic mass) materials.

HI-Z uses physics-based modeling to account for beam hardening and scattering, yielding a more accurate reconstruction of the object density.


HI-Z tomographic reconstructions

Tomographic reconstructions of a steel pipe from Electron Gamma Shower/BEAM projections without accounting for beam hardening (left) and with the HI-Z beam-hardening correction (right).



HI-Z artifact mitigation

HI-Z artifact mitigation and high resolution reconstruction from high energy CT data.